How to Throw the Ultimate Star Wars: The Force Awakens Party

There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it? The premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens is just days away! More Star Wars means it’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year and to celebrate here are recipes and DIYs to throw your own ultimate The Force Awakens party!

Prepare for battle between the dark side and the light with BB-8 pork puns, Millennium Falcon Jell-o, and more to fill Star Wars-loving hearts and stomachs as your prepare for the new film. May the Force be with you!

TFA party - TIE and other treats

A starry galactic backdrop with oncoming TIE fighters provide the perfect setting for your buffet. Serving plates of food float at varying heights as your guests lightspeed towards the party.

TFA Party - BB8 Pork buns
Bao buns are always a savory treat but they taste even better when shaped like the newest droid in the Star Wars universe, BB-8! These spherical astromechs are filled with a sweet and tangy ginger spiced pork. Careful, they may just roll off your plate!

TFA Party - Jakku Hummus Dip

TFA party - TIE Fighter Cheese and Crackers

Jakku hummus dip sprinkled with fried onions hold down the party table while cheese and cracker TIE fighters take off in a tempting fight for your appetite.

TFA Party - Lightsaber Skewers

Colorful cocktail stirrers are easily turned into lightsabers with the help of black washi tape. Once you have your saber in hand it’s time to take a stab at the fruit tray. It’s an elegant utensil… for a more civilized age.

TFA Party - Millennium Falcon Jello

This Jell-o may not look like much, but she’s got it where it counts, kid. Millennium Falcon Jell-o is made from sweetened gelatin that’s tinted gray to resemble the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Grab yours from the buffet table quick, they’ll be gone faster than you can make the Kessel Run.

TFA Party - Blue Milk Cupcakes

TFA Party - Black Leader Parfaits

Too full for dessert? Don’t be such a nerf herder. Blue Milk mini cupcakes are a must at any intergalactic gathering. Small and scrumptious, you’ll have just enough room to try a taste of a Black Leader Mascarpone Parfait. These fluffy sweet treats are made of layers of fresh blueberries, crumbled gingersnap cookies, and mascarpone cream that’s lighter than Cloud City. Topped off with a dark chocolate X-wing, a nod to Poe Dameron, leader of the Black Squadron.

TFA Party - First Order Punch

Maybe you’ve worked up a thirst fighting the Resistance or making small talk at the party. Why not try a swig of First Leader Fruit Punch, a sparkling cranberry drink dappled with fresh raspberries.

Now, for our attack plan!

TFA Party - Variety of Food


Mini Honeycomb Garland

TIE fighter 3D paper model kit

Space backdrop for decor

Star Wars wall decals for decor

Millennium Falcon silicone molds for Jell-o

X-wing silicone molds for parfaits

Drink stirrers for lightsaber skewers

Black washi tape for lightsaber skewers